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CNC Versatile Spring Former
CNC Spring Coiler
CNC Tension Spring Machine
Spring Making Machines
CNC Compression Spring Coiler
CNC Versatile Spring Former
CNC Tension Spring Machine
CNC Wire/Strip Forming Machine
Die Springs
Die Springs-DJ
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About Us

QINGMO  Technology Co., Ltd. was established by senior specialists from spring machinery industry. Our business is specialized in manufacturing and selling premium quality Spring making Machines and Toolings, including TDA spring making machine series, XinDa CNC-620 Spring Former, KHM CSC-208 Spring coiler ...High precision toolings on custom-order...

DIE SPRINGS-DJ on line!                          

Welcome orders for all kinds of springs on different specifications!

Our promise, Your choice!

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· Office Moving Notice [2011-07-25]
· Die Springs-DJ on line! [2010-04-21]
· Congratulations! 1mm TDA-CNC610 SPRING FORMER introduced into market formally [2009-04-20]
· Special OFFER in 2009 [2009-02-26]
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